Vanity Care & Maintenance Guide:

Vanity Cabinet

Cabinet Door:

1. Water should NOT have any contact with the cabinet door.

2. To maintain your cabinet make sure to repair and hinges or handles if loose.

3. To clean, use a damp rag, cabinets are an easy to maintain

4. Heavy articles should not be placed on the mirror cabinet, for example: heavy cleaner or glass articles.

Cabinet Frame:

1. In any case of a leakage make sure the cabinet does not overflow with andy liquid for any period of time as it will swell.

2. All the articles placed in the cabinet should be dry.

3. The cabinet should always remain dry.


1. Keep salt, hair dye and make up away from the any accessories, clean the them while they are                  adhibited with it.

2. In order to keep hinges running well, it must be added with lubricating oil termly. 

Cultured Marble:

1. Do not place high temperature objects on artificial marble top directly or for a long period of time such as a fresh hot cup of coffee.

2. Do not place high temperature appliances such as an iron directly on the artificial marble as it will              damage the surface.

3. Though artificial marble top is hard and durable, avoid using any sharp items or tools as it will                     damage the surface.

4. Keep the artificial marble top clean.

5. Bleach and ammonia are harmful to artificial marble top,

6. Keep cultured marble surface dry .

7. Strictly keep strong chemical articles away from artificial marble top.

8. Artificial marble is corrosion resistant, but still avoid touch with strong chemical articles, like additive metal abluent, stove abluent; don’t touch methylene chloride, acetone (nail polish wipe off), strong acid abluent etc.

9. Please use suds to wash the artificial marble top. You can use a cleaner which does not contain acetone (like methyl benzene, alcohol) to clean it, then use water to wash over it.


1. Avoid using   acidity or alkallscence silica gel to install the mirror, or it will damage the mirror or glass.   

2. Avoid using leaner which contains chlorine to wash the mirror and glass, especially the edge of the mirror and wooden sides.

3. The mirror must be cleaned with a special cleaner(alcohol) using a cloth.

4. Heavy articles should not be placed on the mirror cabinet, for example: heavy cleaner or glass articles.

5. In any event of a spill, wipe immediately.

Wood Guide:

1. To clean, simply use a soft cloth in lukewarm soap and water then buff the surface with a dry clean cloth

2. Avoid any use of glass cleaners on finished cabinets, Ammonia will chemically hurt the wood, lacquer and stained finish.

3. Avoid liquids as absorption causes wood to wrap and finishes to de-laminate

4. Avoid the use of any item that could stain the wood, lacquer orfinish.

5. Prevent any marks by not writing directly on the surface.

6. Prevent fading or discoloration by not placing the item under direct sunlight.

7. Avoid using any commercial waxes or polishes.

8. Prevent damage to the finish by not placing any hot metals directly on the surface such as pots, pans or kettles.

9. Prevent the wood from splitting by maintaining even humidity conditions in your home

Ceramic Guide:

1. For regular cleaning wipe down the countertop with a damp cloth or paper towel, if necessary use a small amount of non-bleach or non-abrasive cleanser.

2. Avoid waxes, bleaches, oils, nail polish remover and high PH cleanser.